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Thinking Big About Transitional Justice

31. Jul. 2019
Pablo de Greiff

With its expertise on SSR, rule of law and development, Germany is in an ideal position to strengthen the transitional justice agenda. For its new strategy, the key will be to enable effective links between these fields and to help articulate an effective prevention framework.

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My new post

31. Jul. 2019
Mike Hunt & Mr. X

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Another little Testpost for the TJ Blog

31. Jul. 2019
Clara Sampleitem

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A post published this morning

30. Jul. 2019
Carla Sampleitem and Max Mustermann (FriEnt)

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A Blog entry on the TJ Blog

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Mustermann, Max

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About the TJ Blog


With this blog, we are continuing the dialogue on selected “dealing with the past” issues that began with the PeaceLab-Blog. This new FriEnt blog is aimed at German development organisations and their international partners and at professionals working on dealing with the past and democracy-building in Germany.
[Plus link to: Addressing the Past and Peacebuilding – Diversity makes a Difference)

Transitional Justice is a professionalised and internationally accepted policy field. But do its implicit and explicit foundations still hold good? Which of its underlying assumptions, patterns of thinking or practices should be critically reviewed?

a. Peacebuilding requires the integration of conflicting narratives. To that end, these narratives must be transformed/made “fit for peace”. How can this be achieved?
b. How can diverse perspectives be made visible in social discourse – or in a museum? What is the connecting element in this diversity? How can relativism and arbitrariness be excluded?

Transitional Justice is value-oriented and aims to help build sustainably peaceful and just societies. What do we know about its real impacts?

Transitional Justice sees itself as genuinely preventive. What can be done to strengthen its prevention capacities?

a. Gender in practice is primarily associated with the integration of women and their perspectives in processes and institutions. Which challenges need to be resolved through practical action?
b. Which other topics that can be addressed through TJ measures lend themselves to consideration through a gender lens?

 a. Which opportunities are opened up by the digitalisation of memory? What can be done to minimise risks and avert hazards?
b. How can knowledge and narratives about the past reach the general public?

Those born afterwards bear no direct responsibility. They may choose to ignore history or identify with perpetrators or victims. What can be done to awaken young people’s interest in history and motivate them to engage in building peaceful relations between communities?

Please feel free to suggest a new discussion topic in your blog post, such as issues relating to experience with Transformative Justice, reparation programmes, dealing with perpetrators and much more.

Rules / Netiquette

Some details concerning the rules of this blog. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer Nam tempus id pretium justo. Vel Integer laoreet purus tristique id tristique et mi dui auctor.